They Are Transvision Vamp!

They are Wendy, Tex, Dave, Nick, Pol, Jazz & Mallett! You know them as Transvision Vamp, but how well do you really know them? Read through the Vamp History to relive how the band got together and rose to the top of the charts. A collection of talented musicians striking a power chord with their fans. Memories so vivid, it's just like you were there a decade go. Then its on to the individual band members' biography pages:

Wendy James - The singer that put the Vamp in Transvision.

Tex Axile - The energetic drummer/keyboardist and his antics.

Dave Parsons - The bassist borrowed by Bush.

Nick Christian Sayer - The songwriter/guitarist behind it all.

Pol Burton, James Piper & Martin Hallett - The supporting cast that infused the Vamp sound with extra life.

Wendy! Tex! Dave! Nick!

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We Are Transvision Vamp
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