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I was in Australia in late August and early September of 1989. As a senior in high school, one of my main interests was in music, and I knew I’d be able to pick up some cool new bands while I was Down Under. I was staying at my Grandma’s house, and her tv was often tuned to the video countdowns that seemed to run a couple times a week. I remember one program was called “Rage”. The first time I saw that countdown show, one band near the top caught my eyes, ears, brain, and guts and threw them to the floor. The video was “Baby I Don’t Care”. The band was Transvision Vamp. I was instantly star struck by the chords, and knew - This is MY band!

The music charts were very volatile in Australia compared to the States, which had songs leaping up and down the charts quickly (due to Aussies not having much extra money to put into entertainment like records). I was lucky to be in Oz when the album “Velveteen” was released, and it was a big smash, both in Australia and with my life. I managed to snag the album before I left the country, and listened to the tracks over and over on the plane trip. I was amazed at all the different sounds that could come out of one band. The versatility of this punk/pop/rock band would become the standard of what I would compare all other music to, the pinnacle of my rhythmic sensations. My Aussie cousin told me that Transvision Vamp had a previous album, and that I would love the song “Tell That Girl To Shut Up”. Thanks Casey!

The music is to blame for my Transvision fanaticism. It's the type of stuff that makes you want to jump in your car and hit the Hyperdrive button. Once I got back to America, I got “Pop Art” and I made all my friends listen to both albums. Luckily, every one I’ve met has really liked Transvision Vamp, although no one had heard of them before me. It’s a good thing they liked the band on their own volition, or I’d have forced them down their throats! Unfortunately, being in the good ol’ USA, there was really next to zero TVamp exposure. I saw “I Want Your Love” on MTV once in Washington, and heard “(I Just Wanna) B With U” on the radio a few times in Florida when “Little Magnets Versus The Bubble Of Babble” first came out in 1991.

The three albums lived on as my favorites for years until I could finally express my appreciation for the band years later on the Internet. Now I hope to spread the word about how great Transvision Vamp was, how great the active musicians still are, and immerse all that are interested in great tunes and information on the past, present, and future. Thank you Tex (especially), Wendy, Dave and Nick! You Put A Spell On Me.

Cam McAra
(webmaster of We Are Transvision Vamp!)

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