John Wilcox's Transvision Vamp Fan Story

Anyway...I have a quite a few stories to tell to the fans of TVV. Maybe because I had the opportunity to see about 10 to 15 shows...and their last one in the states in San Diego. And during that time I came to know a few of the band members. Nick always loved that hackysack after a gig, Wendy rushed in and out so quick it was hard to get a word in, Dave was quiet and kept to himself, and Tex...well Tex was the open one with most of the fans..and maybe that was a good thing...Enough of that..

I first became a fan of TVV during through UNI's promo of the Band. I was at a Music Plus (A record store now defunct) and I saw Wendy's poster up on the that point I'm going, "Damn, she's fine!" maybe I should check it out.

So later that day I bought the first album, and I was hooked. And since early 1989 (Wow it's been a decade) I've been a fan.

After that summer I looked everywhere for their albums. The internet was a major pipe dream at that point. But a small indie record store in a town called Covina carried the Vamp albums I was looking for. And every month or so I would go and look for any albums I could find that had TVV or the Primitives (Another defunct band). Slowly my collection grew and grew..To this day, I have never sold or want to sell any of my TVV stuff.

After purchasing an import CD I found an address for TVV fan club...I thought "No Way, Cool!" So I signed up. Slowly, and after some time (It took 2 months to get to me after the release date) I would receive the stories I was dying to hear. What the band was up to, etc, etc. But included in one issue was a promo insert 7 inch vinyl of a song, the song escapes me at the moment, off the Velveteen album, if I'm not mistaken. And talk about putting that record in a vault for safe-keeping I literally put it in a fire proof safe my family had and kept it there for future use (Which I will write about later).

By this time I noticed in a local paper that they were having a concert in Los Angeles (I live in the suburbs now) and rushed to get tickets for the show. I still have that ticket stub somewhere...but I'll talk about the first show in my next letter...

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