If anyone has magazine or newspaper articles and/or photos they can share, or better scans/images than the ones we have here, please send them in! If you can type up (preferred) or scan the articles, email them to me at transvision@geocities.com.

May '89 - "Countdown Magazine"
July '89 - "Juke Newspaper"
July '89 - "Woman's Day"
Aug '89 - "Spiral Scratch"
Sept 6, '89 - "Smash Hits"
Sept 20 '89 - "Smash Hits"
1989 - "Music 89"
Jan '90 - "YM"
1990 - "Number One" Yearbook
1990 - "Transvision Vamp Magazine"
May '91 - "The Face"
June '91 - "Select"
June '91 "Smash Hits"

July ' 91 - "Hit Songwords Magazine"
Fall '91 - "IN Fashion"
Oct '91 - "Interview"

Aug '91 - "Music Express"
Mar '93 - "Q"

May '93 - "Herald-Sun Newspaper"
Various Short Articles

Pop Art Press Release
Velveteen Press Release
Little Magnets vs. The Bubble of Babble Press Kit
Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears Press Kit

Little Magnets Verses The Bubble Of Babble
Sept '91 "Big O Magazine"

Velveteen Tourbook
Velveteen Tourbook [cont]


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The picture to the left is from a Spanish magazine, submitted by Alex. Interesting how the band is made up to look more Spanish to reach the proper target audience... Article coming soon (still typing and translating from scans).
These are images to which I do not yet have their corresponding articles. Please send them in if you do! Thanks to Tricks for sending in the Tatler scan. Thanks to Jay for the three Countdown August 1989 pics!

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