This is what it's all about, what keeps the fans coming back again and again. The music of Transvision Vamp has withstood a decade of changes, and is still better than most bands are churning out these days.

Articles, press releases, tourbooks, and photos from publications around the world about the band. Finding out first hand the opinions of the press, good and bad. Memories so vivid, it's just like you were there a decade go.

Discography contains plenty of details from all the full-length and remix albums, as well as all the singles and rare tracks. The Ultimate Song List also denotes every Vamp song ever recorded, and where to find them.

Lyrics is obviously full of the words to sing along with, ponder, or just finally find out what Wendy was really saying. We have the lyrics to all the album tracks, as well as most of the b-side/rarities.

Multimedia is where you can check out Transvision Vamp's true colors if you haven't heard of them. Chances are you love Transvision Vamp, and just want to listen to some favorite or rare tracks. Instructions are available to download Vamp3s.

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