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Thanks to Peter for this pictureOn this page we can sample some of those great tunes that keep our adrenaline pumping. This is great music! We could be just sitting there minding our own business, having another in a long series of "blah" days, when someone pops in a Transvision Vamp record. Suddenly our toes start tapping on their own volition, and the rhythm seems to be quickly spreading upwards. It's not long before we jump out of our seats, wildly swinging our arms in air- guitar, drum or microphone motions, and we feel the urge to mess up our hair. If we're driving down the highway, other cars seem to be avoiding our lane entirely, and those people that risk a fast pass on us stare with astonishment. A brave soul may roll down their window at a stop light and inquire who we are listening to. We shout over the roar of the radio, "TRANSVISION VAMP!", and with a crazed look of all-out pleasure, we smoke them at the first hint of a green light. You may have seen us - the Transvision Vamp fanatics. We revel in our music. We can have headphones on and walk through downtown Seattle without so much as one inquiry for change.


"We Are Transvision Vamp"
"How ya doin'?"
"Tell that girl to shut up."
"Scream if you want some more!"
"I can't bear it..."
(Sent in by Luke Owen)


Many of us in the Transvision Vamp community share rare material with each other, although most sites are currently out of commission. I believe only jolly good Matthew Ames has any of the rare stuff up right now. With WendyJames.nu currently out of commision, we are still looking for a possible new place for the community to gather and share once again. Updates later.

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We Are Transvision Vamp
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