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2001 To We're Number 1!
We Are Transvision Vamp!

(message from April 2001)

What a perfect Vamp phrase to head up this page and the site! Who thought, back in 1987 when Revolution Baby first came out, that FOURTEEN years later, we'd actually be experiencing the time that Nick, Wendy, Tex, Dave, and yes, Pol alluded to in this song? It's kind of trippy. I feel like I should catch a showing of Saturn 5, and read the latest copy of Halo Jones. We are in the "future" now baby!

I wonder how many people on the WATV mailing list will fall backwards in shock when they hear we've got a site update?!?! This one is thanks to the diligence of Justin Whyte, my new creative content partner on the site.

Justin has typed up and sent in NINE great articles and press releases, freshly posted to the Articles page. Here's the run down of mouth-watering words and flash-back details: "YM" 01/90 Article , "Number One" Yearbook 1990 , "IN Fashion" Fall '91 Article , "Music Express" 08/91 Article , "Interview" 10/91 Article , Pop Art Press Release , Velveteen Press Release , Little Magnets vs. The Bubble of Babble Press Kit , Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears Press Kit.

That is all for this particular update (but boy is it a LOT of great reading), but Justin and I will be working on a redesign for WATV, with better navigation, and quite large additions to what is currently The Band and The Recordings sections. We are always available to accept submissions to The Fans area, so feel free to send in your fan stories, collections, images, articles and whatnot!

"Bye bye boys. Bye bye.." (and girls of course!)



We Are The Fans!
We Are Transvision Vamp!

(message from October 2000)

The spooky thing about this time of year is not Halloween - it's that WATV finally got an update after so many months!

Not that much work tonight, mostly catching up on all the great fan emails and the Vamp mailing list. If you are NOT subscribed to the list, make sure you get over to and start getting in on the banter about Wendy, Tex, Dave, Nick and all sorts of Vampy related stuff. I have a Word document FULL of great stuff that has been shared through the Vamp mailing list!

The main page I wanted to add to the site is Justin's Australian Tour Booklet. Justin Whyte, long time contributor to WATV and good friend, scanned images from this great memorabilia that I assume only Aussie fans could get thier hands on (before the advent of eBay.) Take a look at the great pictures!

I also started a few updates to the other pages in the Fans sections - like I need to finish changing all the links over to Mandrake's new site - Velveteen. Get over there if you haven't check out the new digs. You can also read a new posting from HowlinHellcatt on the Fan Stories page, as well as see Carl Loverock's newly posted Vamp Collection.

That is all for now since it is past 3 a.m., but I hope I'm rev-ved up for even more additions to WATV soon!

"Movement is the heart of change - so get down."


A Warm Welcome from
We Are Transvision Vamp!

(message from May 2000)

Here we are approching halfway through 2000, and WATV is finally getting some needed and anticipated updates! I have to thank all you fans for constantly sending in information, images, and encouragement for the site. This is our hang out, and we hope to represent our band as the die hard fans we are.

First up, thanks to Detlef Raab once again (he hosts the German WATV), for scanning and typing the Velveteen Tourbook for me. It features an incredible amount of beautiful pictures (bet you've seen a few too), and some great text on the band. Check out two large pages worth in the Band/Articles area.

Next, expect an announcement soon on the mailing list (join on the home page) concerning a more permanent home for the Vamp3s. Ofer, a fellow Vamp fan and webmaster in New York, has offered to store them for list member access.

Speaking of lists, I've updated the Links page with some new URLs that may be quite exciting! Mandrake has a Vamp email discussion list you may join, and Michael has started a Fans Of Wendy James Yahoo Club which features message posting and live chat. I encourage some of us to check it out, for it may be a much better solution than the stupid message board and chat I set up myself! Don't forget to support the great Transvideos, Dancerama Club, and sites as well.

Say, no one has taken any stabs at any other rare tracks lyrics since Roland, Luke and Cyfre nailed w11 Blues. Anyone up for the challenge? Let's fill up that page!

I love reading Fan Stories, perhaps more than anything else on the site. How about you? If you haven't shared yours with us, please take a little time to reminisce over how you discovered the band, what they meant to you, and why you are still a Vamp fan today. For some inspirarion, you can check out the new stories from Ian Price, Mandrake and Ingrid.

Collections have been posted or updated for Justin Whyte (the guy's got his own page now!), Matthew Foster, Mandrake & myself. Quite a few new countries on the Fan Countries Roll Call show just how far reaching Transvision Vamp's influence has travelled!

Well, that may be it for this weekend, but I do plan on getting some more things up on the site during the week, so hope to hear from me again soon!

"Got my route laid out and my mind is clear..."


Happy 2000 from We Are Transvision Vamp!
(message from January 2000)

Hope everyone had a happy holidays. It looks like we survived Y2K with no problems. WATV got another home for the New Year courtesy of Detlef Raab and friend in Germany. It is much faster with no ads as compared to the Geocities site, but I'll keep both sites updated so no fans get lost. The new WATV can be visited at or

I hope everyone is signing up for the mailing list (on the home page). List members know about Safety Deposit Box where you can retrieve Vamp3s of Transvision Vamp and Wendy James rare tracks, B-sides, and album favorites. If you are new to the list, go to the Listbot and View Archive to listen to those great songs courtesy of Jimmie Matsson and myself. Now that you have the rare tracks, how about helping out WATV and trying to decipher the lyrics? Roland and Cyfre have given w11 Blues a shot - check it out and see how close you think they got. I've updated all the Recordings pages as a result.

Just spent another late night redoing the Articles section. Cyfre just sent in three awesome articles from "Q", "The Face", and "Spiral Scratch". I have added pop-art to all the existing images, and there are a few new ones courtesy of Mandrake, Tricks and myself. - end ****

We have new Fan Stories and/or Collections posted from Roland Weidmann, Stewart Cook, Luke Owen, Tricks, Tammie Lee, Mary (u.nique), Justin Eastcott, Justin Whyte, Karen Merfield and Karianne Radloff. That meant updating the Fan Countries Roll Call too! Tricks and Mandrake have sent in some awesome Images for which I've finally implemented the quick loading thumbnails with larger pop-up (pop-art?) images. Finally got that elusive album cover shot of The Complete 12"ers Vol. 1 on the Discography! The Opinion Polls have been updated as well as a few new Links including Marc Duggan's awesome new Transvideos page. Actually I have just added a More Links page with some requests that may not directly be related to Transvision Vamp, but are Vamp fan pages or favorites. Let me know if you'd like to add any sites.

World of Wendy is a part of the new German site, but is still in serious need of a redesign. I know Steve Hughes is working on WOW Issue #6, and he is also trying to put together a Transvision Vamp tribute album - so musicians get in touch with us!

Hoping for more updates soon! (Like adding the beginning of a rough translation of Alex's Spanish Article and type up some submissions by Tricks on the Articles area.)

"But you know that some things are best left never said..."



(message from late November 1999)

November is WATV month! Updates are rocking through the site as I have some time off before I start a new job. There's a new home page design! How do you like it? Ooo.. pretty colors... I wanted to do a collage for the photo, but the exreme lack of photos of Tex, Dave and Nick put kink in that plan, so I stuck with the old faithful Velveteen photo.

Navigation should be much easier now, although I will be adding more enhancements to the secondary pages once I finish the huge amount of new content I'm adding. Thank you to all you fans who are writing in and adding to the site - this is our site - We Are Transvision Vamp!

I have a good amount of Fan Stories and Collections about to be uploaded, and quite a few a you have sent/are going to send Images and Articles as well. Look for good stuff coming up soon from Tricks and Mandrake. It's taking a bit to translate some Spanish scans of an article from Alex, but that'll be up soon too. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes planning, organizing and emailing to prepare for our growth. 'Tis a good time to be a Vamp fan!

I fixed the linking within the World of Wendy - still separate and not redesigned or updated yet, but you can move between WOW and WATV without getting lost in old files anymore. I also optimzed/compressed all the old images throughout the site, so you should notice faster loading pages.

Recently added Little Magnets verses the Bubble of Babble to the Lyrics page, and am now hoping for help from everyone on the words to the B-Sides and rare tracks. The Links page now has quite a few places to go to search for Vamp merchandise, along with Tex, SwedaHead and Mandrake's sites.

Plenty more is on the way! "Groove on!"


(message from early November 1999)

I sincerely apologize to the Transvision Vamp fans for the lack of site updates. Living in Florida, we were at the mercy of daily thunderstorms which blew out our modem several times, and we went through a heck of a time getting back online at home. We are now hurricane-free as we have once again moved back to the Seattle area.

Deframing the site, I hope to cut down on those annoying pop-ups until I can find a better ad-free resting place for WATV. Geocities at least seems to have just one little adjustable advert now.

You can now type in your browser as a shortcut to the home page, and a lot easier to remember URL! I have noticed that using this shortcut seems to produce script errors on every page, so it may be best to use until gotoworld fixes that problem.

Recently I've set up a Message Board (haven't tinkered with it much though) and a Site Map. I've also finally typed up the lyrics to the Velveteen album (can anyone help out with "Kiss Their Sons"?), started dividing up the fan stories and images better. I also updated the Opinion Polls, Collections, and Ultimate Song List. Added some stuff to Dave's and Tex's pages as well. Luke Owen has also sent in a new wav file of Wendy speaking live.

Looking to the future, I will be creating a new home page (didn't get to that before the move). More work fleshing out the Fans pages. Work on the Images and add some more graphic elements to the pages. The Band section needs a lot of work on the individual band members. The Recordings will get the rest of the album lyrics, and I have many rare Vamp mp3s I'll be sharing with those interested. I haven't yet had time to work on the World Of Wendy site-within-a-site, so hope to incorporate all that good stuff soon too. I shall start finally using the ListBot to keep everyone updated on er, updates since there should finally be some! Sign up on the home page if you want to keep up.

I want to once again thank Steve, Donna, Jimmie, cypher, Luke, Bernadette, Marco, Ivo, Alex, and Tricia for all thier contributions to WATV.

Every beginning is the start of an end...



October '00 - Added Justin's Transvision Vamp Australian Tour Booklet scans page; added Carl Loverock's Collection and HowlinHellcat's Fan Story; updated Mandrake's images page, Collections, Site Map, News & Updates, News Archive, home page.
May '00 -
Added Velveteen
Tourbook images and articles; Collections - Justin, Mandrake, Matthew, Cam ; Fan Stories - Ingrid, Mandrake, Ian ; added/updated Links, Home Page, News & Archives.
April '00 - Updated Home Page, Awards, News & Updates, Polls.
February '00 - added Cyfre's "Select" Article; updated Articles, Collections, "w11 Blues" Lyrics, Site Map
January '00 -
Vamp & Wendy mp3s available; Uploaded tons of Fan Stories and Collections; Updated News & Updates, Discography, Polls and Site Map; Added new Tricks' Images and Mandrake's Images pages; reVamped Articles area and added Cyfre's "Q", "The Face" and "Spiral Scratch" Articles and images.
December '99 - New German WATV site. Updated Fan Stories, Images, Collections, Opinion Polls, Links and Site Map. Added new Images and More Links pages.
November '99 - New WATV design goes online. Lots of site fixes. Optimizing old images for faster site load. Adjust WOW pages. Added new welcome, news archive and awards pages. Updated/added Fan Stories, Collections, Articles, Links, Dave, Tex, Lyrics, Ultimate Song List, Opinion Polls, News & Updates, Site Map.

October '99 - Graphic redesign of WATV. Restructuring old content into new design. Set up "" as a new home page shortcut. Cam (that's me) moved from Orlando to Seattle.
March '99
- Updated Opinion Poll and this page. No further updates due to fried modems from electrical storms.

October '98 - Added Tammie Lee, Jimmie Matson and Dave's fan stories (now on its own separate page). Updated Opinion Poll. Added "Collections" page. Added Ivo's concert photos! New, faster loading navigation bar and graphics. Working on the new World Of Wendy sub-site. Added Bee & Amie's fan stories, pictures, and wallpaper! We recieved some well deserved awards.
September '98 - Updated Opinion Poll. Song List submissions from Marco and Alex! Cam (that's me) moved from Seattle to Orlando. Started the World Of Wendy sub-site with Issue 5. Added vocal clips of Wendy & official battle-cry of WATV. Added a chat room! Expanded the Fans page into Fan Stories, Opinion Polls, Address Book, Chat, Collections. Created Articles page. New look to the WATV site - Reorganized frames, all new graphics, navigation bar, image map, and JavaScript.
August '98 - Ultimate Song List, Links, Fan Stories, Discography, Main Page, History, and Opinion Poll pages are built. Buy TVV stuff from CDNOW. Lyrics page has all songs from Pop Art. Applicable songs on Song List and Lyrics pages are linked. Uploaded Sounds! Tex, Wendy, Dave, and Nick pages are started. Added more pictures. Updated Opinion Poll. Changed site over to frames.

8/8/98 - The "Born On Date" for We Are Transvision Vamp!


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