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Oh Just Open Your Heart And You Can Start The Revolution

What a band. What a song!!! The message Wendy is giving in this particular line should really take on a whole feeling, not just for every Transvision Vamp fan in the world, but for every single person on the planet. Given the recent tragic events that have taken place in New York City and Washington D.C., it now seems to be the right time for people to come together as one, and open up their up hearts for the many people who have lost friends and loved ones, and for the many people who have lost their lives. Our deepest sympathy goes out to those touched by this tragedy.

I wonder just how many fans out there will believe it when Cam and I tell you that we have completed Phase 1 of the WATV 3.0 update? That's right Phase 1 is now all complete. With this update you will find a ton of new articles complete with their accompanying photos. A huge discography of all the albums and singles, from Revolution Baby to The promo CD of Twangy Wigout. Be sure to check out the band biographies (including Jazz, Mallet and Pol Burton.) The lyrics page has been updated with all the lyrics to every album track and Mandrake has been a huge help (THANKS MATE!!!!!!) in writing out the lyrics to the b-sides. That is about it for this particular update but please check back for even more updates when Phase 2 is complete.

Say I'm so tired of all this confusion
Everyone talking like there's no solution
When a change of heart could be the revolution baby


Everyone in the Vamp community SHOULD know Jay by now, but I''ll still officially welcome him on board as an official member of We Are Transvision Vamp! Three cheers! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! The last time WATV had an actual update, Jay was just a great submitter to the site, but since that update, we decided to get together and do a huge reVamp of the site, which has taken us many months and many, many hours to do - and this is just Phase 1 that we've managed to accomplish! The whole site finally has a fullness to it, and it's all Jay's fault :) We are very excited that we finally got this far, and it'll make all the upcoming additions in Phase 2 much easier and faster to add. This time, we won't have to wait until the whole new site is working and designed to add to it!! Thanks to all those who helped us in the last few months - Mandrake, Marc, Dede, Ian, Brocky, Steve, JiMa, Sweda, and Charm - you guys rock! Stay with WATV, WJ.NU and TV.ORG through the end of the year for a very Vampy holiday season!! Tons of upcoming stuff on the horizon in the world of Vamp.

She's all fired up and ready to rave...


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April '03 - Updated Collections, Fan Countries Roll Call and Multimedia.

February '03 - WATV now owns Minor fixes to some pages.

October '01 - New images on articles page, May '89 - "Countdown Magazine", Sept 20 '89 - "Smash Hits", Sept '91 "Big O Magazine" and Wendy's bio page.

September '01 - After months of work by Cam & Jay, the WATV 3.0 design debuts! Along with the new look are huge additions to The Music area in Articles, Discography, Lyrics, and Multimedia, and to The Band area with biographies for all the band members, including the addition of Jazz, Mallett & Pol, and plenty of new images.

April '01 - Added eight articles & press releases Jay sent in ; updated Articles; Site Map, News & Updates, News Archive, home page.

8/8/98 - We Are Transvision Vamp!

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