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Never before had a group so embraced consumer culture and retained the irrepressible spirit of rock'n'roll. Transvision Vamp praised Warhol and Blondie and in the next breath eulogized Charles Bukowski and Sam Shepard. Transvision vamp were the post-modernist ideal, and, cooler than that, pretended they didnīt know what it meant. Wendy staunchly refused refused to be labeled a bimbo by the tutting tabloids.

"I always wanted to be five foot eight with long dark hair, really beautiful and perfect,"

she sighed, in between berating the C and those tabloids. "The two worst inventions of humankind are religion and politics."

Often accused of overplaying her sexuality, Wendy retorted: "Anything thatīs a faction canīt be good. When women proudly say, 'Iīm a feminist', thatīs just another faction - one thatīs anti-male. Surely the strength of women should lie in taking each individual on his or her own merits. Itīs whatīs in your mind that matters, not whatīs between your legs. Itīs how you go about fulfilling the things you care about."

"A lot of girls in pop seem to despise me. I donīt know wheather they feel threatened by me or just think Iīm crap. Iīm not sure I care either way..."

Transvision Vamp toured Britain again, with audiences alternately adoring or exasperated, then recorded the second album. 'Velveteen' was released in the U.K. on June 26th (with 'Pop Art' still high in the charts). It entered at number one, no less, on July 3rd. It stayed in the top ten for ten weeks and became a top twenty L.P. in virtually every country (itīs released in America on October 3rd). The band have been touring Japan, the U.S.A., Europe and Australia, where 'Velveteen' went to number one on August 1st. Eighty seven shows in six months, and so far theyīve never played a gig which wasnīt sold out. Two new members, Drummer MALLET and guitarist JAZZ, both from London, were recruited at the beginning of April to flesh out the live sound.

Single life continues to flourish - 'Baby I Donīt Care' ripped up the top three, 'The Only One' chasing at its heels. 'Landslide Of Love' revealed a more sensuous side to Transvision Vampīs energy. On October 16th 'Born To Be Sold', a wry wiry cut from 'Velveteen', will be released, backed with two live tracks recorded at Glasgow Barrowlands last June.

"'Velveteen' is a more focussed album," claims Wendy. "The title trackīs about obsession, about life rolling from the inside, about all the bad things in human nature coming to the surface..."

An adventure. Reality and fantasy. Elvis and Marylin. Iggy Pop and Edie Sedgwick. Somewhere in between or a satellite of both. Transvision Vamp have clawed their way to the summit of Sugar Mountain with dauntless self-belief and a disarming wiggle and smile. Recently described in Melody Maker as "the very best pop band weīve got going at the moment", they now continue their world travels with a mammoth British tour which takes them through to mid-November. Embracing the globe. Motivating, captivating.

"NOW all I know is all I see. And what I am I choose to be. I donīt need no-one to bleed for me. Iīm gonna make my own history."

As the media compete to see who can come up with the most ludicrous fabrications about Wendy Jamesī personal life, she and The Vamps strive to remain both approachable and larger than life. Which is what theyīre all about. Which is what the records are all about. Which is what pop is all about. the nineties, Transvision Vamp, with their kaleidoscopic kalashnikovs of spectacular style will go as far and as high as your imagination allows.

Stars are stars. They say love is blind but here comes a supernova..... Viva vivacity. Viva The Vamp

Chris Roberts

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